Monday, April 26, 2010

Continuous Improvement

... or at least continuing improvement. One of my goals for this year is to implement at least one innovation every month that improves my trading. This month, I got three:

1. I discovered you can put pictures in Excel spreadsheets. Maybe everyone else already knew this, but I didn't. Now in my trading journal, I take a snapshot of the chart when I make a trade and cut & paste it into my journal. That way, I can go back and quickly see what the market looked like when I made any given decision. Everything is all in one place.

I learned how to use the Regression Trend Channel feature in eSignal. This turns out to be an interesting indicator. I'll be trying it out more next month and seeing how well it works.

3. I started looking at the Sharpe ratio and how I can use it as a performance metric.


  1. For internal performance analytics, I use a modified Sterlign ratio. I wrote about Sharpe and Sterling on my blog at if you're interested.

    (I suggested Sharpe previously because most funds use it in publications)

    Another benefit of using simple formulas is that they can be done automatically in a spreadsheet. So there's no extra work for me as long as I keep my trade log spreadsheet updated.

  2. I tried to open that link but got just the blog frame, no text. I don't know if it's a problem with my browser or something on the server.

    In any case, I think these metrics are worth pursuing and I thank you for suggesting them.


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