Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Anniversary!


 Today, the Night Owl turns four.  An event so special, they closed the stock market in honor of it.  It seems hard to believe I've already put out 992 posts in which I try to guess which way the market will move the next day.  I've had my ups and downs but hey, I'm still here baby and that's what counts.  So stay tuned - as soon as these pesky Olympics are over, we'll be back to crack the 1000th post milestone.


  1. (Original) Bon anniversaire le hibou. Comme le veut la tradition, je vais te chanter une petite chanson :
    « Joyeux anniversaire, Mes vœux les plus sincères,
    Que ces quelques trades
    T’apportent le bonheur,
    Que l’année entière,
    Les techniques et fondamentaux soient avec toi,
    Et que l’an fini, Nous soyons tous très riches! »
    (In English) Happy birthday the owl. As is tradition, I'll sing you a little song:
    "Happy Birthday, my most sincere wishes,
    May these few trades bring you happiness,
    May the technical and fundamentals be with you the entire year,
    And the year ended, we're all very rich! "

    1. Tiens - je ne m'attendait pas a ca :-) C'est merveillieux d'avoir des lecteurs (lectrices?) francophones. Merci bien pour cette jolie poisie. L'hibou couche-tard vous souhete egalement une annee profitable.


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